Without you!

It is our privilege and we thank God to call you part of our team.  Because of your partnership in prayer and support, encouragement and love, we are able to develop, maintain and grow relationships with our students.  This pure mentorship is truly walking alongside our brothers and sisters and watching them blossom.  From our hearts to yours – thank you!

Our closing lunch and party – celebrating completion of Year Five!

Notice no headless chicken running around. Jackson, our guard and man of all trades purchased 4 live chickens for our closing lunch. Here he is preparing to kill and clean them so that I can roast them. Just a creepy little sidebar, the chickens were still warm when I put them in the oven.

Notice no headless chicken running around. Jackson, our guard and man of all trades purchased 4 live chickens for our closing lunch. Here he is preparing to kill and clean them so that I can roast them. Just a creepy little sidebar, the chickens were still warm when I put them in the oven.












We served BBQ chicken, beef samosas, rice, beans and pasta salad

We served BBQ chicken, beef samosas, rice, beans and pasta salad



















Decorating with balloons

Bye! Decorating with balloons by our students Fosca, Anastasia and Richard














Eating our fill

Eating our fill













Let them eat cake!

Let them eat cake!














And lots of it...

And lots of it…













From the team - a very special thank you for your support, prayers and contributions.

From the team – a very special thank you for your support, prayers and contributions.







Our time here in pictures

Our new slogan:  Integrity in surveying…going to sleep at night knowing you’re right; not hoping you’re right.

Psalm 25:21  May integrity and uprightness protect me, because my hope, Lord, is in you.

The rubber hits the road.  Our students couple their Geomatics Engineering theory with all of the practical survey and CAD skills taught over the past 5 weeks, to acquire field data and provide a Topographic Plan. We served a ministry partner that was started in response to rescue child soldiers from the Lord’s Resistance Army.  They now have 288 children in family like cluster homes.  Ontino Waa translated means “Our Children”,  See http://www.otinowaa.org/  They’re doing great things to improve quality of life for Ugandans in this part of the country – mainly through provision of loving homes and a higher standard education with Christian focus.  This endeavor will help EMI guide Otino Waa as they further develop infrastructure on their site.

We have been blessed as we blessed the teachers and students of Otino Waa.  Our survey students commented on how the children have spoken into their lives.  These kids have learned how to love their house mothers, brothers and sisters as their own, how to forgive those who have harmed them and their families during the war, and to move forward in the assurance and hope of better things to come.

With less than 2 weeks left, please pray for endurance of the trainers, health for everyone, that that God would continue to bless our students as we mentor them.


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Year 5 – New to Kajjansi

2 Cor. 1:24
 We’re partners, working alongside you, joyfully expectant.
Year 5!  God has gifted and engaged many of us through this program: the students participating in the training; the opportunities for volunteer surveyors to share their hearts and skills; our partner ministries; and the generous sponsors who are helping empower Ugandan surveyors to be a force for change in their profession and communities.

Some new things to adjust to in Kijjansi:

  1.  Oh my, the mosquitos are bad.  The little blood suckers are attacking me at night through the bed netting.  Nasty little creepy, fluttery things!  Simple solution……get new netting with insect repellent for our bed and deet all the screens in the house. Hah!
  2. Allowing ourselves extra time and grace to acclimitize to jet lag.  Its not so bad to be wide awake at 4:00 am when you don’t have to rush out the door at 7:30.
  3. Waiting for God’s direction for my mission here.  I am always too willing to jump in with both feet before prayerfully asking where I should serve.

Our 1st invitation to lunch was on Saturday with Hope (HR), Pauline (Office Manager), and Hattie (Staff Architect), three Ugandan eMi staffers.  Ben (our Australian Survey trainer) joined us for a lovely meal of mexican burritos.  Multicultural extravaganza with the best guacamole ever.

This years Students

Akutu Fosca

1Akutu FoscaMy Story
: Fourth year at Makerere University. Brought up in a Christian based family but began a personal relationship with God in 2003.

My passion:  Taking up any responsibility for the Lord, watching animations, travelling, field work.

A happy/joy-filled moment: I feel so happy dancing for the Lord while ministering to my fellow youth.

My Dream/My Goal: to be an honest, dedicated and good surveyor.  I also dream to start an orphanage and help people in home region because they are suffering a lot.

Amongin Racheal

1Amongin RachealMy story: 
4th year Geomatics student at Makerere University

My passion: Sharing my life experiences with others and practicing the skills I acquire.

A happy/joy-filled moment: I enjoy fieldwork, singing hymns, cooking, and eating chicken.

My dream: To embrace surveying profession with dedication, diligence and love wherever God places me and to bless the lives of others to the glory of His name.

Area Walter

Area WalterMy story:  Graduate from Kyambogo University, coming from northern Uganda (Lira). Second in a family of five.

My goal: Acquire more professional skills and share it with confidential integrity.
Joy filled moment: When engaged in activates that clearly share the gracious love of Christ to all races of people, men getting freedom in Christ.
My dream: Hope to spiritually mature and live to use my profession to serve God within his kingdom principles.

Nakachwa Anastasia


2Nakachwa KasoziMy story:  I am from Central, Mukono. I am the last born in a Christian family of 12 and currently living with my dad.

My passion:  To share my skills, achievements and experiences in life with others. I believe it can create a difference.

 My goal: To acquire as many skills as possible because in this life, it can be a good stepping stone. My dream is be a profound surveyor.


Taremwa Mujuni Reid
1Taremwa Mujuni ReidGraduate Makerere University

My Passion: I am passionate about all things surveying – the challenging tasks, amazing equipment and software, constant interaction with people and above all the ability to provide a service.

My Dream: To learn to be good at surveying and live my profession in true Christian values.


Opolot Daniel

1Opolot DanielMy Story: Finalist of Institute of Survey

Happy moments: Interacting with people has always been fun.

My Goal:  Enhance and improve on my skill and exposure on different survey technics and equipment.

My dream: Be part of the solution on increasing land disputes in the country and participate in the improvement of infrastructure of the country through engineering surveys.

Richard Lukwago

1Richard LukwagoMy story:
 2nd year student at Makerere University.  I am fourth out of five children and got saved at 10.

My Passion: seeing others become happy and fruitful in God.

My Goal: gain practical skills at EMI and share them with colleagues, use Surveying to serve God.



Tumwebaze Annest

: I come from the western part of the country, born in a family of 5, 2 boys and 3 girls

My Passion: I am passionate about helping others and working hard to attain excellence just like God excelled in His perfect work of creation.

A happy/joy-filled moment: This was when I went beyond just being a member but went ahead and became a full minister of different ministries in my chapel at the University that opened me to great opportunities in all spheres of life.

My Goal: To acquire skills and knowledge in the surveying profession from the skilled facilitators of practicum that will help me succeed and develop my future career.My Dream: Looking forward to extending much service to whichever community I will interface with by reaching out to the people of all classes. Just like eMi does, I believe I can do the same God willing.

Rukwanzi  Evelyn

1Rukwanzi Evelyn

My story: I came from a family of five and am  from western Uganda

My passion: I love discovering new things

My happy moment:  When I was given land surveying in 2013 at Ndejje University

My goal: To help others learn from what I know


The Trainers

Ben Craig

Ben CraigMy Story – Civil Engineering Surveyor with 20 years surveying experience. Graduated from the University of Southern Queensland in Australia in 1996.

My Passion – Mentoring young Christians in the developing world and also at home in Australia and helping them to grow in their faith and service for the Lord.  

A happy/joy-filled moment – The first time I went on a short term mission in Thailand in 2006, I was so happy to be out in the jungle serving those who were just struggling to survive. I was doing a survey for a proposed school and community health center.

  My Dream/My Goal – To continue walking along side young adults and share a little of my personal experience so they can have a deeper sense of direction and purpose in their lives.

Kasasira Nathan – Intern

NathanIMG_4935 (2)





Mark Kaems

mark kaems photoMy Story:  I’m currently working as a Civil Engineer in a surveying office which has allowed me to learn/teach others.

My Passion:  Mentoring engineering students

A happy /joy filled moment:  Mid-week, evening church service in Ganta, Liberia

My dream/My goal:  to be able to mentor/teach students at home and abroad, now and into retirement

Roy Farley

Roy Farley PhotoMy Story: I was saved when I was 12 and I have followed God all my life and can attest to his saving and keeping power.    I’m retired now and can devote more of my time to short term missions around the world and work here in the U.S. with groups that help provide housing to those in need.

My Passion:  To share Christ’s witness in a practical way with deeds as well as words.  Knowing the needs are great around the world, I like to reach out to those who need it most.

A Happy/Joy Filled Moment:  Most memorable is the day I married my wife and we’ve been together now for almost 35 years.

My Dream/My Goal: To be able to continue ministry around the world.  My goal is to stay tuned in to the Lord’s will and allow him to lead me wherever it is I’m needed most.  I want him to be in control of my life on a day to day basis.

Patrick/Joan Cochrane

joanMy Passion:  I love love love working with likeminded and like hearted individuals to share our faith and skills is such a practical and impactful way.  And I get to do it with my dear wife, who, although she glazes over when we talk nerdy survey talk, fully believes and supports what we are doing and makes an invaluable contribution to this endeavor.

My Dream: I have hope that my dream will soon become a reality…that EMI’s Survey Practicum in Uganda will be led by one of our former students.