Food in Uganda – by Francis Lupai

On behalf of the Survey Practicum students training with Engineering Ministries International (EMI), I would like to Introduce to you our lifestyle within Uganda and Kajjansi in particular;


As students, we feed on food staffs like Kikomando, Rolex, rice, Matooke, Fried cassava, Binyebwa and cow’s meat. However much some of the food staff may be strange, this what the strange terms mean;

Kikomando is the mixture of Chapatti (fried flat bread) and Beans mixed together

Stephen Mumbere and John Paul Masanga in the Kitchen










Rolex is the mixture of fried eggs with chapatti.

Jjaja P. Cochrane having a rolex and J. Cochrane having Kikomando for lunch at the local restaurant











Matooke refers to raw bananas fried of boiled and for your information it’s the traditional food in Buganda land especially in Kampala although its preference status is spreading throughout the neighboring regions of Buganda land.

Evet and Brenda having lunch composed of Matooke, rice and cow’s Meat.









Fried cassava is the solution of peeled raw cassava and hot cooking oil

Binyebwa is the solution of grinding raw groundnuts (peanuts).

Ever since we were admitted for the survey practicum, these are the food staffs we eat as students especially at Lunch time and it’s really good and sweet.

NB: As students participating in the survey practicum, we would like you to taste these foods as our trainers are doing like Jaja P. Cochrane, J. Cochrane and others.


As it’s traditionally known that Land surveyors and Civil engineers do not dress decently like other professionals do especially bankers. But as the survey practicum group with collaboration of P. Cochrane and motivation from Mark, we decided to dress up decently and attach a neck tie as part of our dressing code so that we break the law of not dressing decently like other professionals.

The new dress code


From our students to you – their stories!

Hebrews 13:16  And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased.


Solome :  It was one of those “voluntold” days, an inside joke, where Jaaja Patrick assigns a role through authority under the disguise of voluntary participation. Little did my team know that finishing one task early never meant getting to slack off while the rest labored away and throughout the training Jaaja Patrick has emphasized keeping busy even if it meant wiping off the equipment and this has taught us to keep busy for “an idle mind is the devil’s workshop”. But before I ramble on about all we have learnt, this day was one of those. On getting voluntold to teach a new software called Field Genius that my team had learnt before the rest, I have to admit, my heart skipped a beat for fear of messing up. But as I have come to learn in depth at the practicum, teaching does come naturally and after a sigh or two it was a smooth sail with me and my colleagues Francis and Stephen helping the rest catch up behind the scenes.

Brenda:  I bless the name of GOD for Opolot Daniel who was a survey practicum student last year. Despite the fact that he was far away, he offered to help me. The field work took us three solid days with serious rain falls but Daniel was one of a kind because even if it started raining he would still stand with me so that we fulfill the day’s task.  He knew that I am a student and did not have enough money to facilitate him and he still remained understanding because I had to provide his breakfast, lunch and transport which sometimes I was not able to afford. He would say “you know what just keep that money because you need it and just give me transport to take me and bring me the next morning” ooh God this is not found in every person. I thanked God because I had prayed for my final year project and the field work before and he used Daniel to answer my prayers.

Daniel was so willing to help me at no cost. His encouragement strengthened me and even on the day of presentation in the morning he called me and wished me success. I come to realize he was not doing this to me alone but to other students too.

I thank the Almighty God for the blessing of Daniel in my life and I thank the EMI fraternity because I believe he shared what he got freely to me at no cost may the good Lord bless you all.



Checking the accuracy of the hand level to the automatic level, Timothy and Leonard










Perfecting Field Practices

Field reconnaissance








Survey Practicum students with Jaimee








Surveyors + ties = sharp











Stephen and Francis working together with Field Genius





Students preparing donated GNSS devices from Garmin















Uncle Mark in the field with Evette, Leonard and Silver in the back


eMi Survey Practicum 2017

2 Cor. 1:24
 We’re partners, working alongside you, joyfully expectant.

Year 6!  God has gifted and engaged many of us through this program: the students participating in the training; the opportunities for volunteers to share their hearts and skills; our partner ministries; and the generous sponsors who are helping empower Ugandan surveyors to be a force for change in their profession, communities and country.  We thank you all for working alongside us here and back home, as we “joyfully expect” God to move here in Uganda.

Achan Salome



I struggled with wondering how my profession would make this world a better place considering the lack of integrity and new standards set by the world but with the survey practicum I see myself being the change I want to see. And that involves playing my part in the body of the church in relation to my skills and other talents to help those who need it and changing the ideologies of corruption and the continuous land issues one at a time.



Esaite Brenda




I have always had a dream of opening up a survey company that will help in various activities including sensitization of the people about issues concerning land and free trainings in land management and land law skills to the community at large because this will help reduce the land wrangles and disputes   we shall share more about the Christian life of the people and  I will let them know that in order to achieve anything in life and be successful you have to put GOD first in everything and always trust in him.


Kifamba Silver




I will be able to extend professional knowledge especially to the underprivileged people inform of sensitizing them about the rights on land, showing them the various steps they can take to solve issues for example land disputes in a non violent manner so enmity is not created as God wants us to love our neighbors as much as we love ourselves.



Mumbere Stephen






With skills, knowledge and spiritual guidance from EMI I believe I can make a difference in the lives of others by reaching out and help the people who are in need. This is through volunteering and having respect for others.


Francis Lupai


With the knowledge I am going to attain from Engineering Ministries International (EMI) survey practicum 2017 coupled with my growing spiritual life, I believe that I can transform the people who are helpless and requires support. I am a Sudanese refuge, we must be knowing that of recent northern Uganda especially west-Nile region (BIDI-BIDI) accommodates the highest population of refugees in the world especially from South Sudan and among them are people who do not know Jesus Christ as Lord and savior so as a chosen one of God, I will take the initiative with my practical, technical skills and my spiritual life to preach the gospel of Christ to such people as we glorify God.



John Paul Mansanga





I would like to start up “MASANGA FOUNDATION” to help the needy in this world, I would like to build God one of the Greatest building (Church) in the World but recall Jesus is the foundation of the Church. Make a surveying firm with honesty workers in the world

Naturinda Evet




Being a person who believes in God and is passionate about integrity, I will do my bests according to my capacity to ensure honest during survey work and through this will also be an example to other survey firms and surveyors.  Through doing this I hope to better my country especially in the land rights department and also bring glory to God.



Timothy Egwelu



I once queried myself in thought – How do I live a more meaningful life?  I found out to live a meaningful live desires walking in the light (1 John 1:5-7) and giving more than you receive.  I look forward to exploring my full design potential whilst at eMi. Engineering Surveying is the mindset God instilled in us to complete his beautiful work.



Kaweesi Livingstone



I am an interpreter and have worked in medical, educational, Church and Marriage settings within the deaf communities of Uganda.  Not only have I acquired some survey knowledge, but I have learned how to worship God not only in our homes, but also in our places of work.  I will continue to do the same by sharing the word of God in all my places of work especially within the deaf community.



Busulwa Leonard




I believe this training is going to perfect my skills in surveying from which i will honestly and with integrity deliver services to society, try to resolve conflict related to land surveying and as well as support all upcoming surveyors in all ways possible but mostly in a spiritual manner for with God everything is possible.



Patrick and Joan


Patrick – We’re excited to return to Uganda coordinating EMI’s Survey Practicum; building capacity and integrity in Ugandan Geomatics engineering students.  We are confident that God has gifted and placed us with this opportunity to serve Him, as He has provided us with the hearts, skills, and support required for us to travel, serve, and live abroad for these past 5 summers.  Our hope is to mentor a Ugandan to take over our leadership role and continue this most worthwhile program. Joan – I believe that God is using my heart and my passion for relationships both here in Uganda and back home to grow and strengthen connections within the Body of Christ.  How wonderful to feel such a sense of belonging in two so very different cultures because of our faith.

Jaimee and Paul Sekanjako


I am excited to be involved with the 2017 practicum and I expect to learn just as much as the students as my background is not in surveying. I met my Ugandan husband Paul in 2011 and we were married in February of this year through a story that only God could have written. Many people prayed for, encouraged and provided us with guidance through our relationship. We both desire to use our skills and our careers to serve God and are excited at the ways EMI allows us to do this.


Mark Kaems






I plan to use this training and my skills to reach non-Christians by teaching them life changing skills.  I hope that through internships in my workplace, non-Christians will see teachings of the Bible being applied to real life and be curious to learn about Jesus



Our Intern Tumwebaze Annest




  • Looking forward to extending much service to whichever community I will interface with by reaching out to the people of all classes. Just like eMi does, I believe I can do the same God willing.


Roy Farley


I’m looking forward to returning to the Survey Practicum this year.  I’ve always felt that Christians should be the best at whatever they do because Paul said that whatever you put your hand to, to do it with all your might.  We, as Christians, should be known as the best in the business as a witness to the unbelievers and believers alike.  So, I’m hoping that I can help to train and assist the students in this practicum to become the best they can be so they can live productive lives.  Let’s all pray that God is glorified and we are all uplifted in this training exercise