2013 Survey Practicum Synopsis

Continuing Mentor-ship

Industrial Training team discussing results of topographic survey with client ministry

Industrial Training team discussing results of topographic survey with YWAM directors

The Industrial Training mentoring program focused on professional development and personal development of Geomatics Engineering students through practical training on survey equipment, software, field procedures, and healthy team dynamics by building on their Christian faith through mentoring, bible study, and discussions and actions which focused on exemplifying Christ like attributes.

This was eMi’s second year delivering this program, resulting in a great success by building on the many lessons learned from conducting the pilot program in 2012.  A stronger partnership with Kyambogo University; improved application/screening process; clearly identified expectations for student participants; enhanced training material; and an increase in interest, awareness and appreciation for the benefits of this training toward professional and personal growth of the participants resulted in a most successful program.


Most of the training took place in the classroom and on the grounds of Kyambogo University, where students were provided training and exercises on a variety of survey software applications and various survey instruments.

Once students were given adequate training and practice in survey equipment application and data management, the Industrial Training team travelled to a survey camp in Jinja and carried out topographic surveys at two different sites for eMi clients: Youth With A Mission – Hope Land (34.8 hectares/86 acres) and Good Shepherd’s Fold (50.6 hectares/125 acres).  These two surveys will provide base data for eMi design teams to carry out master planning of new outreach infrastructure for these ministries.  The field camp lasted seven days and offered a very real opportunity for students to plan and execute a survey, applying the skills learned through their university training and the previous four weeks of Industrial Training with eMi.

Peer Mentoring

To highlight eMi’s Industrial Training Program and to connect with and serve other Geomatics Engineering students at Kyambogo University , a one day workshop on Carlson SurvCE data collection emulation was carried out by eMi’s Industrial Training students and leaders.  Thirty-two first year Geomatics engineering students participated in this training.  The workshop as a great success in introducing data collection software to the first year students, as well as generating interest in eMi’s Industrial Training program and outreach by having our Industrial Training students serve as mentors.

Moving Forward

Recommendations for next year:

  • Increasing student engagement from seven to ten weeks; where students would be assigned preparation exercises prior to commencement of formal training, and also include time after the formal training to complete a final report
  • Expand and partner with other Universities
  • Increase student participation for eMi’s Industrial Training Program from six to nine students
  • Engage former eMi Industrial Training student’s to assist delivery of next year’s program in the capacity of an eMi interns
  • Invite other Design Professionals to assist in the delivery of this program

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