2012 Survey Practicum Students

Sponsor an Engineering Student for Industrial Training with eMi

1.  Ainebiona  Joshua is  a third year student pursuing a bachelors in surveying and land information systems at Kyambogo University.  He is from the Bushenyi District in Western Uganda.

2.   Ogwang John Bosco

Home District           Ongino, Kumi
Age:                               26 years
Marital Status:           Single
Program:                      Surveying & Land  Info.
Year Of Study:            2nd Year

I truly hope this training will have serious positive impact in my life (both in my career and spiritual).  I believe this is God’s call for me to train with you. It is a grace to train with people like you who are serving the poor and the vulnerable. I do hope to continue working with eMi after completing my course at university because I have a passion in helping.

3.  Kyarimpa Chrispus is a 3rd year student of Kyambogo University Faculty of Engineering pursuing a bachelor’s degree of surveying and land information systems.  He is a human rights activist, student leader, and is interested in learning about the diverse survey equipment and software available, site assessment and layout of the site survey.

4.  Kahuma Michael is very interested in working with the poor of his country.  He is a second year student at Kyambogo University.

5.  Tugume Godfrey

Industrial Training Student

like challenges: he is already a solar technician, doing Civil Engineering.  This May, Godfrey completed his diploma in Civil Engineering.  He extends his greetings from his home village of Bwera, Kicheche Sub-County, District of Kamwenge, Western Uganda and he would like to improve on the limited Survey training he had in  lectures and  would also like to be trained in servicing survey equipment.


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