2013 Survey Practicum “The Team”

Join us in prayer for this years’ students and teachers

Acan Hildah

Hildah (Medium)

I am a fourth year student, finalizing my course in Surveying and Land Information Systems from Kyambogo University and truly hope that this training will have of a good impact in my life both in academics and spiritually.

Akamanya Repher

Repher (Medium)

I am  a third year student at Kyambogo University doing a Bachelor of Science in surveying and land information systems.  I am inspired by eMI’s goals and achievements I read on its website. I also have passion for expanding my professional knowledge and skill. I hope with this training I can achieve my goal and also show my love by participating in any volunteering activities during and after training.  I am a strong Christian willing to experience and share the love of Christ Jesus.

Latim Eric


I am a surveying student and would like to get the best training that can be offered to me. eMI does not only offer training in surveying but also offers spiritual guidance in the good news of Jesus Christ. 

Nansukusa Sarah Gloria

Sarah Gloria (Medium)

I am passionate for helping the poor , the needy and the less priviledged in society because that’s what Christ’s mission is for the world.  eMi gives me the opportunity to serve God as I reach out to people in the community.

Ludaga Martin

Martin (Medium)

I believe that eMI has a lot that I have not been exposed to in my time at the university to develop into a fully equipped (with knowledge and skills) land surveyor. Especially in software packages instrumentation and skills how to use them.  I personally like to do charity for the needy, and I see it as an opportunity to do that with the resources I have for the mean time. I hope to be of better service to the needy when I am a fully working Professional, God willing.

Katamba Jonathan

Jona K1

A second year student at Kyambogo University Kampala Uganda,
I am pursuing a bachelor’s Degree in Land Surveying and Information Systems.  I first learnt about Emi from a poster i found at the notice board of my faculty/department, went on to their website to find out more and was amazed.  Am grateful for the opportunity given to me by emi to train with them and am looking forward to it.

The Trainers

John Breitenstein


 I have been married 13 years to my college sweetheart, Janel.   Together we have 4 great children who are an incredible joy in my life.   I currently serve as the Personnel Manager for Engineering Ministries International – East Africa where I also do a bit of surveying along with many other roles.   I am looking forward to working alongside Patrick and with these enthusiastic Ugandan University students, learning more together about surveying, more about each other’s cultures, and more about following Jesus through it all.

Patrick Cochrane

4Patrick 0711

I’m excited to once again be a part of eMi’s Industrial Training Program at Kyambogo University, and to meet, share, and serve together as we experience this training and all that God has in store for us.  There was so much that we learned from our pilot year running this program last year.  We look forward to enhancements that will only make this training even more worthwhile for student participants.  I’m grateful to have John Breitenstein from our eMi East Africa office help again this year, offering his diverse skillsets.  Andrew Neufeld also joins us as a volunteer, stepping in to provide invaluable training assistance.  I’m especially grateful to have the support and encouragement from my wife Joan as we travel and serve together in Uganda.  And thanks to all of you for your support in helping us with God’s work of Designing A World Of Hope.

Andy Neufeld

Andy 2013 with beard

Although I was raised in a decidedly Christian home in Denver, CO by two fantastic parents, I did not truly make my faith my own until I was a sophomore in high school.  Since then I have been continually learning what it means to surrender my life to God and how to accept His grace for my shortcomings.  I recently graduated from George Fox University near Portland, OR with a BS in mechanical engineering along with a minor in math. God must have a sense of humor, because out of all the engineering classes I took, he chose the one outside of my major to have the most significant impact on my life. The summer of my junior year at college I searched for a mechanical engineering internship and ended up interning with a professional land surveyor. After finishing my degree, I had begun searching for employment as an entry-level mechanical engineer when God presented me with the awesome opportunity of assisting eMi in a surveying class in Uganda. My goal is to freely give every part of my being to God in all the ways that I can. I am very excited to work, live, and serve alongside the students at Kyambogo University as well as the wonderful people at eMi this summer.

  1. Hi guys! Awesome update and introduction. Sounds like a group with great potential.

    Marilyn said it was a very positive AGM last night; big attendance. Duane Dueck was funny.
    I was talking pipelines and grasslands with Transmountain…

    God bless,

  2. Richard Cochrane

    Wishing you all the best in your program.


  3. Ogwang John Bosco

    Good to hear from you guys. Wishing you the best of luck in the training and God bless you all.

  4. Hi Joan & Pat–I think I have finally done it–keep your fingers crossed. I hope all is well and the 2 of you are well as well. I know you are doing what you love. I have been enjoying seeing the pictures. My thoughts and prayers are with you. All my love Sheila

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