2015 Survey Praticum Synopsis

2015 Team - Full Size

Fr Row L-R Ben, Janet, Cissy, Joshua, Nathan, Peace and Joan Bk Row L-R Victor, Consy, Moses, Samuel, Job, and Patrick














It is our privilege and we thank God to call you part of our team.  Because of your partnership in prayer and support, encouragement and love, we are able to develop, maintain and grow relationships with our students.  This pure mentorship is truly walking alongside our brothers and sisters and watching them blossom.  From our hearts to yours – thank you!

From our students with love:

Janet:  Thanks for your generosity.  It has touched my heart and spirit through the training and skills I’ve acquired.  May God richly bless you.

Victor:  This has been a great opportunity and experience for me and because I know in my heart that through you God was fulfilling His plan for my life.  I am also certain that the seed you have sowed will produce abundant fruit in your lives.  God bless you.

Job:  Wonderful people and trainers I have met have made my practicum worthwhile.  The daily devotionals have been a life changing moment in growing spiritually and confidenct.  I pray this practicum doesn’t stop with us.  God bless you.

Joshua:  I feel the word “Thank you” is the least I can give in return, yet< I am always left with that as the only option.  How I wish someone saw how deeply it flows from my heart, sometimes I get drops of tears in my eyes.  Thank you for all the support towards this programme.

Cissy:  I am so grateful for your contribution towards my success in my career as well as my spiritual life.  I strongly believe I am going to use the skills and knowledge eMi has imparted to me to develop my career and also be able to share with others.  Thank you for your support and my the good Lord abundently bless you.

Samuel:  Thanks alot for your love and support.  I’ve been transformed spiritually and professionally.  I pray God richly reward and bless you abundently.

Nathan:  I am so thrilled by your generosity and contribution towards the vision of eMi.  You are indeed changing Africa.

Peace:  I am so honoured to be among the students who have participated in the practicum.  It has been so great because I have achieved alot expecially when it comes to machines and software.  I can proudly say I am competent and confident.  God bless.

Consy:  Thank you for all that you have done to see this programme a success.  God bless you abundantly and generously.

Our intern Moses:  Thanks a lot for the tremendous support you give this program.  The students that go throu it are spiritually blessed, professionally sound and of high integrity.  This is all we need to shape the country step by step.  Thanks for the love.  We love you too.  May God bless you more.

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