All about us

 Patrick and Joan

In our home in Kansanga, Kampala, Uganda

“I’ll hold You in the beginning, You will hold me in the end;
Every moment in the middle, make my heart Your Bethlehem;
Be born in me.”
Nichole Nordeman From Music Inspired by “The Story”

It was on my first trip to the tropics that I discovered the amazing natural beauty that that particular part of the world has to offer.  But this beauty was strongly contrasted by the sights and smells of the poverty and despair that so many people in this world endure.  I realized that most of the rest of the world just don’t live like us here in North America.   When I returned home, I discovered a passion to want to help turn around this inequality and that’s how I connected with eMi.  eMi offered the perfect opportunity for me to put my professional skills as an engineering technician to work, connecting me with other like-minded and like-hearted design professionals to projects offering a purposeful adventure of helping those in need.   Up to that point in my life, I had a lot of people who were telling me about Jesus, but while serving with eMi, I was having people show me who Jesus is and that really impacted me, and gave me a desire to step deeper into my faith.

Please read on about the many opportunities that Joan & I have been so blessed to participate in.  Everyone has abilities, resources, a purpose, and a longing to help make this world a better place; sometimes it just takes a bit to be discovered.  Our hope is that you are encouraged to seek out what may be pulling at your heart, and step into the very purpose that God has gifted and created you for.

This webpage has been lovingly created by my wife Joan, who is such an advocate and encourager of all that I do.  It is her support that really helps fuel the passion and enables us to be a part of designing a world of hope.

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