Our time here in pictures

Our new slogan:  Integrity in surveying…going to sleep at night knowing you’re right; not hoping you’re right.

Psalm 25:21  May integrity and uprightness protect me, because my hope, Lord, is in you.

The rubber hits the road.  Our students couple their Geomatics Engineering theory with all of the practical survey and CAD skills taught over the past 5 weeks, to acquire field data and provide a Topographic Plan. We served a ministry partner that was started in response to rescue child soldiers from the Lord’s Resistance Army.  They now have 288 children in family like cluster homes.  Ontino Waa translated means “Our Children”,  See http://www.otinowaa.org/  They’re doing great things to improve quality of life for Ugandans in this part of the country – mainly through provision of loving homes and a higher standard education with Christian focus.  This endeavor will help EMI guide Otino Waa as they further develop infrastructure on their site.

We have been blessed as we blessed the teachers and students of Otino Waa.  Our survey students commented on how the children have spoken into their lives.  These kids have learned how to love their house mothers, brothers and sisters as their own, how to forgive those who have harmed them and their families during the war, and to move forward in the assurance and hope of better things to come.

With less than 2 weeks left, please pray for endurance of the trainers, health for everyone, that that God would continue to bless our students as we mentor them.


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  1. Thanks people for the good work, i really missed this one

  2. ohooo…. wonderful memories idea. That was one of the best times in my life. I miss you family. Love you.

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